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British Columbia, Canada

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As a writer and designer, I focus on storytelling and creating online communities.

British Columbia, Canada

What I do

Tell Stories

We evoke emotions. Event promotion and marketing is about storytelling and finding a way to resonate with your audience — not creating “salesy” posts event after event hoping people show up.

design event strategies

Your event should be a story and experience people remember, not just a case study. Great strategy always starts at the beginning: the questions we start to build around matter the most.

intentional design

Great design starts in the heart and mind of your audience. We figure out what they want, what they expect, the stories that got there before we did, and where the gap in worldview sits.

Market event ideas

Our philosophy is rooted deep in the idea of permission marketing. Making people smile, remember, and tell their friends about you — all of these things require emotional labor and is what we’re good at.


Rhythm & Flow

Case Study


Rhythm & Flow


Website Mockup
Concept Overview
Event Branding
Marketing Strategy

A multi-day hip-hop/R&B and comedy festival for the culture.

The Rhythm & Flow Festival is a concept website UI design, and event idea. The result? A dynamic 3-day event full of the hottest new artists in the game, and comedy kingpins. The mission? To showcase my favorite artists from two genre defining communities, and hopefully give an event organizer an idea to steal. The approach to the project needed to represent the hip-hip/R&B & comedy communities in a way that they felt seen — tonality, visually, and with up and coming artists.


Give the hip-hop/R&B and comedy communities their flowers while correctly blending two genres together through a modern pop-culture centric aesthetic.


A user-centric approach created the foundation for the festival. The color palette, brand visuals, and layouts all come from hip-hop magazines, “Up In Smoke Tour” (2001), and my love for artistry.

Developing the Brand

Every project starts in a similar way. Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, together we are able to extract and refine the key pillars of the festival’s brand. This helps defines the personality: how it should look, sound, and act online.

User Personas → Research & Discovery → Wireframes → Webflow Development. This strategic approach paints a realistic picture, ensuring we understand and cater to the unique needs of everyone who plan on attending the festival.

rhythm & flow: website UI/UX festival mockup.
user Experience

“The Up In Smoke Tour” was one of, if not, thee most iconic tour of all time. Showing homage to the tour, I found up and coming rap/comedic level Slim Shady’s in terms of star power.

Showcasing diversity within' a huge range of styles, flows, ambience, and legacy are the important pieces. We accomplished this through unique user profiles that represent the range of attendees. This paints a clear picture of their demographics, psychographics, needs, and wants.

Festival Positioning

Upcoming Stars

One of the defining characteristics of the “Up In Smoke Tour” was the lineup. There wasn’t a single person in the show from the opener (Eminem) to the headliners (Dre and Snoop) who weren’t respected and expected to take the tour to new heights. Michael Turner, Joyner Lucas, and Tems are massive artists in their own right with the ability to guide the audience towards euphoria.

Defining the Brand

The “More money” CTA extends the hand of gratitude showcasing “Day Passes” and how they can help save money for other things like merch, tips, and drinks.

The journey to enrollment is giving your audience the content they want but might not be expecting. Surprise them. Every artist in the festival’s lineup is a content creator, and social media genius in their own right.

“Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator. But among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh.”
– W.H. Auden
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rhythm & flow day passes
An overview image of the entire Rhythm & Flow project creative process.

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