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About Socialbout Media (SBM)

Socialbout Media (SBM) pursues clients who don't aspire to be perfect — we're after creating websites and copywriting for events, festivals, and entertainers who aspire to be remarkable. Why? Because "remarkable" doesn’t live anywhere near standard. If it did, it would be mediocre and have mass-scalablity. The reason we focus our creative energy this way is because events are a special part of every community.

In rare cases, like the moments we’re after, if the town is small enough and if the story is big enough it can become their identity. The reality of the event/festival industry for entertainers and professionals alike is that people either show up, or they don't. Which means that our goal isn't just to make sure people buy tickets. It's to make them feel something.

What SBM does is serve; the idea, the audience, and the community behind everything we create, build and design. Learn more about our company vision below.

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"Perfection is the lowest standard anybody can have. It leaves no room for growth."

Concerts & Festivals

We don't sell out. Because selling out involves destroying the best parts about you. What we do is systematically and fearlessly find the best parts about you that put you on the hook with your audience, in turn, giving them (and you) something deeper to trade than money for tickets. This level of enjoyment we’re after is what gets your fans, and community to buy in.

Networking & Charity

Classic auction formats often fail to maximin the potential for fundraising, as they rely heavily on factors such as status and impulsive bidding behavior from event attendees. By using the GOODBIDS framework for a “positive auction” we're able to consciously move away from the traditional auction format and cater to a different side of bidding behavior.

Fundraisers & ART

ART is a gift. ART is rare, fresh, and challenging to the status quo. It takes art to choose the plants that blossom in your garden in the Summer. It takes art to bring an idea to life and to develop meaningful change in your community. It takes art to construct a business model that changes the lives of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people across Canada.


Marketing Strategies for Entertainers

Since social media is a value exchange platform. What we all trade daily is attention. Attention is a hot commodity these days, and event professionals all over the world fight for it daily. Not us. Digital sleight of hand says the smallest viable audience is a smarter move, and to let everyone else fight for the majority.

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Creative Event Theme Ideas

In order to stand out and be remarkable, you can’t wait until everything is perfect to ship your work. What SBM does is find the whitespace between your audience, the stories they tell themselves, and how your event makes them feel — then designs.
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Unique Ideas for Event Promotion

Creating a story that stands out in the mind of your audience is important. It’s the only way to get them to talk about your event with their friends, colleagues, or even random strangers.

The goal isn’t to be standard. It’s to push the ideas we all have as a group, and mix it with the emotions of the evening.
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Socialbout Media's (SBM) mission is to create digital extensions of your event or festival through intentional web design, marketing, and content for the soul.
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