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Want to talk concerts or music festivals? I'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with me through the contact form at the bottom of the page, or by sending smoke signals. I've got experience in both options.



What services do you offer?

Socialbout Media (SBM) focuses on website design, copywriting, and marketing for events, festivals, and entertainers. If you're interested in learning more about SBM feel free to request our capabilities deck! 

How can copywriting help enhance my business or brand?

The rewards for being able to write in a persuasive tone is infinite. Overnight, a well positioned brand message and re-written website copy, press release, or blog article can increase event ticket sales and audience engagement leading to larger attendance come showtime.

How much do you charge per event to write?

As every project is different, and our prices heavily depend on the scope of the project — please contact us directly to learn more about our prices and project availability.

How do we communicate and collaborate throughout the process? "I’m busy."

Being busy is a good thing, kudos. First, I design the website mockup in Figma for quick notes, iteration, and seamless collaboration. Second, I focus on the deadlines, goals, and your vision for the website. Each project I ask "What would a home run on this look like?" If your end vision is clear, so is our process.

Do you provide any ongoing website maintenance?

After the website is developed in Webflow and brought to life, you can absolutely request that Socialbout Media (SBM) provide ongoing maintenance on an ongoing retainer fee. The recorded video SBM provides at the end of the development process is naturally included, and often times solves the issues you'd hire me for afterwards. The goal is to teach you "how to fish" and how to update your website yourself — not sneak a few hundred dollars off you every month.

Are your services tailored to a specific type of event or festival?

What we're tailored to design, and positioned to create is due to the fact we love concerts, music festivals, and helping entertainers tell their stories in a way that gains 'true fans.' ART is what we're after.

What sets you apart from other copywriters, and website designers?

Most website designers can’t write, and most copywriters don’t know how to develop websites. I can do both. I’m a big believer that they go hand-in-hand, and when done properly generate noise and "make a ruckus" as Seth Godin would say.

Are there any specific platforms, or technology you use?

I design website mockups with Figma and develop them in Webflow. You’ll need to create a free Webflow account so I can transfer the website once it’s completed, but it’s nothing “out of this world” difficult. I’m confident the hand off will be smooth. Other than that — no. I'm a simple fella.

Do you offer any training or support afterwards?

Yes, I do. I screen-record the back end of the website showing you how to add/change headings, website copy, and add, delete, or change new images/videos. Webflow is my primary choice for website development except if you're looking for an e-commerce website. That's where I'd recommend other CMS platforms like Shopify because of their primary functions.

How do you ensure the security, and privacy of the website?

Webflow has built in encryption and it’s used throughout the platform to protect PII and non-public data from unauthorized access. All communication between Webflow users and the Webflow-provided app is encrypted-in-transit. If you build your e-commerce shop on Webflow, we'll need to setup a backend server to setup a more personalized level of security to protect sensitive user information.

How long will it take for you to build a website?

Each website is different because their audiences are different. The audience determines the website features and what the site will require overall. But, I know you want me to ballpark it — so, I will.

1-week in extreme cases (A new vinyl record makes me work faster), and/or 2-6 weeks generally speaking if we're taking the slow road towards this brand new non-marital commitment.

I have a social media page, why do I need a website?

You don’t. That’s the beauty of it. If your business is running well and converting followers from social media into sales — I would double down and search for scalable strategies. Instacoachmike and TheFutur are both great resources. Where I, and websites come in, are when you want more time, less phone calls about the same questions, extra personality, and a 24/7 position in the market you serve.

What is your process?

First, a 15-30 minute phone call. Second, a feeling out process, I want to make sure I'm capable of helping you bring your idea to life. If I'm not able to help you, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction of somebody who can. Lastly, if all goes well — I want to learn about your audience from your perspective, and then what their perspective of you is. Once we align that we'll be better aligned to create magic.

Do you need anything from me before you start?

Yes, I do. I need communication, active collaboration at the start, and trust. I'll provide you with a set of small exercises that extract your brand values, design preferences, ideas, and style guide elements to gain the larger picture of your event and design from there.

What is your refund policy?

By policy, I don’t accept refund requests on the sale of digital goods unless it’s stated clearly on the published sales page. Here’s why: Digital products are much different than physical goods. By returning the physical good to a seller, the merchant gets to keep the original value of the product. Our case is harder.

How do you take payment?

I take payment in puppies, Red Bull, and vinyl records. If you're more modern, we also take credit cards over PayPal, cheques, and cash if you’re a preferred local.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do. If you're First Nations, Métis, or Inuit you receive a 15% off all services discount (event related or not). Our goal is to promote indigenous ingenuity, and inner community businesses that promote the ideas of social entrepreneurship.

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