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Copywriter & Web Designer

British Columbia, Canada

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intentional design for events

As a writer and designer, I focus on storytelling and creating online communities.

British Columbia, Canada

What I do

Tell Stories

We evoke emotions. Event promotion and marketing is about storytelling and finding a way to resonate with your audience — not creating “salesy” posts event after event hoping people show up.

design event strategies

Your event should be a story and experience people remember, not just a case study. Great strategy always starts at the beginning: the questions we start to build around matter the most.

intentional design

Great design starts in the heart and mind of your audience. We figure out what they want, what they expect, the stories that got there before we did, and where the gap in worldview sits.

Market event ideas

Our philosophy is rooted deep in the idea of permission marketing. Making people smile, remember, and tell their friends about you — all of these things require emotional labor and is what we’re good at.


Honey Venues

Case Study


Honey Venues


Website Mockup
Concept Overview
Marketing Strategy

A wedding venues and destination service focused on budget-conscious dreams and extravagant possibilities.

From wedding professionals, newlyweds, and engaged couples right to the most experienced relationships, they need help navigating their ideas, budget, and wedding nuances. Collaboration is key.


Create a reliable and seamless way for creative wedding professionals to collaborate not only amongst themselves, but with engaged couples.


Outside of the box opportunities arose and viable off-season revenue streams were created off of enrollment and permission marketing as a principle.

defining the brand

The venue and destination wedding service, Honey Venues, is a niche service within' the couples market. Catering to the needs of the users (newlyweds, engaged couples, married couples) the goal of the website is to make them feel relaxed about making big decisions, that the information is transparent, and that it's truly a place the best creative wedding professionals in the game come to collaborate.

honey venues: website UI/UX destination wedding mockup.
emotions to invoke

Giving newlyweds and couples the chance to be inspired by sumptous tastes all the way to buildings worth their weight in gold capture the brand's essence: professional, sophisticated, and collaborative.

Festival Positioning

User Experience

Right off the bat, it was important to let newlyweds know that they were understood. The copywriting approach is called PAS; Problem, Agitation, Solution. Normally, the image gallery would be lower on the homepage but again, feeling understood, the users might want to see pictures and glance into the venues/destination options quickly before really getting into the nitty-gritty of deep research.

Collaborative Community

Honey Venues isn't just a venues and destination service. It doubles as a collective. A collective of wedding professionals. With a community onboard Honey Venues opens up new opportunities to create voluntary enrollment — a keystone to permission marketing. In slower months, depending on a lot of variables, business could look different. With the opportunity to collaborate inside of a community of likeminded professionals it increases the chance of networking and offering real value.

"What you choose to work on, and who you choose to work with, are far more important than how hard you work"
Honey Venues website mockup: Lo-fidelity wireframe
Honey Venues website mockup: Lo-fidelity gallery wireframe
An overview image of the entire Honey Venues project creative process.

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British Columbia

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