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British Columbia, Canada

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As a writer and designer, I focus on storytelling and creating online communities.

British Columbia, Canada

What I do

Tell Stories

We evoke emotions. Event promotion and marketing is about storytelling and finding a way to resonate with your audience — not creating “salesy” posts event after event hoping people show up.

design event strategies

Your event should be a story and experience people remember, not just a case study. Great strategy always starts at the beginning: the questions we start to build around matter the most.

intentional design

Great design starts in the heart and mind of your audience. We figure out what they want, what they expect, the stories that got there before we did, and where the gap in worldview sits.

Market event ideas

Our philosophy is rooted deep in the idea of permission marketing. Making people smile, remember, and tell their friends about you — all of these things require emotional labor and is what we’re good at.


Backwoods Sunset Music Festival

Case Study


Backwoods Sunset Music Festival


Website Mockup
Concept Overview
Marketing Strategy

A 3-day country music experience catered to enthusiasts, explorers, and conscious-planners.

The essence of this festival lies in creating an immersive and authentic experience for die-hard country music fans. It’s not just a festival; It’s a celebration of modern country music, and a reminder that it’s not nearly as bad as people think it is. Country music has its heart in a good place right now.


Create a festival UI/UX design that caters to country music enthusiasts. Easy ticket info, social connectivity, accommodation suggestions, and real-time updates from the festival blog keep the user experience modern, professional, and user centric.


A strategic approach — user personas, ChatGPT deep knowledge, magazine layouts, and genuine care — that created a modern, informative website that's easily shared, navigated, and explored.

Developing the Strategy

Country enthusiasts, festival explorers, and budget-conscious planners were the user personas created and developed around. Using ChatGPT to help create user personas, and gain deep information about location specifics, budget and business models along with saving a ton of time in the process has been a life saver in festival ideation and theme presentations. If you're not looking into it yet, it's worth checking out.

backwoods sunset: website UI/UX festival mockup.
user Experience

Understanding which emotions to invoke; curiosity, disovery, joy, excitement, anticipation, etc. go a long way in the creative process and making your audience feel at home. The goal was to have the website neutral with blue and keep things playful, fun, and modern. Website pages include: home, about, lineup, gallery, contact, and faq to create a seamless user experience across different needs and wants.

Festival Positioning

Ticket Emotions

Personable and enthusiastic were the main emotions necessary to push people to buy tickets to the festival. Giving the audience direct information, and catering to their need of an active guide + insights into the festival snacks seemed important enough to them (and me) that they'd pull the trigger.

Defining the Brand

Empathy towards the user is important. The defining characteristic of the Backwoods Sunset Music Festival is "exploration." This idea of exploring new artists and looking for someone to put on repeat one was intriguing, and what I wanted to go after. There's nothing like finding your song and having an artist capture the essence of your life (at that moment).

Each day the copy targets a different feeling. The first day is welcoming, second day is party time, and the third day is a "get over your hangover" day — we have music to play — kind of vibe.

"Every time someone looks to the manual for instructions, they're acknowledging that you know something they don't know. The worst instructions fail to have empathy for that gap."
Backwoods Sunset music festival incomplete hi-fi wireframe; FAQ section.
backwoods sunset music festival faq section
An overview image of the entire Backwoods Sunset music festival project creative process.

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